Final Cover
  Challenge:  The cover for this tri-fold brochure began with over 800 photos, needing to be weeded down to approximately 150, in addition to adding the Pango Group logo.   Strategy:  I needed to figure a way to streamline the production of the cover with its daunting quantity of photographs.   Plus   I needed to streamline the repetitive tasks in both InDesign and Photoshop so I employed InDesign’s layout and placement shortcuts along with the automation processes in Photoshop. This saved me  hours  in production time.   Execution:   1.  I used  InDesign’s Step and Repeat  to quickly layout 100 equal size picture frames, then pulled the bleeds on the top, right, and bottom edges. Next I selected all the frames and applied  fill frame proportionately    so as I placed all the photos, they automatically centered and filled their respective frame. This enabled me to immediately see the necessary zoom and crop adjustments necessary.   2.  I categorized over 150 photos by landscape and portrait orientation and image size. Next, I used  Photoshop’s Record Actions  and  Automate Batch  to rapidly apply color space, dpi, and size reduction for press.   3.  Once the 100 photos and their respective placement were approved, I applied the logo on top of the photo grid.
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