Heidi Haines

Heidi Haines

Heidi began her career in graphic design creating litigation graphics. In 2001, she joined Strada Properties, whose Creative Director, a veteran of Saatchi & Saatchi, gave Heidi her first agency experience. While on staff, Heidi developed systems to streamline and refine the team’s workflow for print production and design. Working under tight deadlines, she and the team created over 200 pieces of new marketing and advertising collateral.

Heidi now runs her own studio, Design HH. A majority of her current clients are former employers. During the course of a day, she consults with clients and vendors to coordinate all aspects of the graphic design process, including project goals, layout, production, prepress, and printing. Heidi also has experience in email marketing, social media, and delivering assets for the web. Being a small business, she employs freelancers when necessary to meet a deadline or to add needed skill sets.

Heidi is fluent with Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 2016. She has also studied HTML and CSS for a well-rounded understanding of today’s digital environment. 

Her love of order and organization serves her well in positions that demand team coordination. She is an enthusiastic collaborator with an inquisitive mind, in short — Heidi likes making things work.